Mobile website for a small business

Look at a busy road of any busy cities of the world. Everybody is busy with their cell phones, either typing or browsing. It has become a fact that mobile phones are outnumbering computers. Capsule technologies are approaching to win over the world. If people are more attending their cell phones than laptops, then as a small business owner you should think of having a mobile web site. But are you prepared?

First, find that if your site render on a mobile device? Many small business owners simply assume that it will and never think of checking. When someone tries to bring up your site on a mobile device and find it doesn’t load or the navigation doesn’t work. You don’t want that happen. With so many people using phones to search in today’s environment you can’t afford to guess anymore. You need to take immediate steps to fix it.

Mobile search relies on a different algorithm than “normal” search does. That means there’s an opportunity to specifically optimize your site for a mobile viewing experience. Being conscious of page size, not overusing images, including a mobile sitemap, employing certain doc types, etc are all important mobile ranking factors and things site owners should be aware of.

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Author: Ahmed Habib

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