Moonfruit 5.0 is Live

‘Moonfruit Lounge’, the official blog of the Moonfruit free website maker proudly announced the launch of the 5.0 version of its easy web editor. A majority of the upgrades are focused on making the web publishing environment more user-friendly and organized.

Moonfruit 5.0: Major Upgrades

Some of the major upgrades introduced with the latest version of Moonfruit easy web editor are:

  • New SiteMaker environment, which includes scrolling for side panels, customizable toolbar shortcuts and integrated People panel.
  • Updated service area for webmaster tools, Google Adsense and Google Analytics.
  • New colour mixer, which offers an extensive range of colour tones and blends.
  • Automatic resize feature for images on a web page. This enables users to view an image in normal and zoom mode automatically. This feature will reduce the page load time.
  • Greater control over textual formatting. Manage line spaces for text boxes and change font type with each paragraph. Add graphic fonts in a text box for designing purposes.
  • Ability to add longer links with the flexibility to open the external URLs in the same window, a new window or a new tab.

As Moonfruit accomplishes advanced upgrades, and not just cosmetic modifications, it is expected to attract more traffic. With a series of service upgrades expected in the near future, Moonfruit can seek an entry into the list of the top 10 free website makers in the world.

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Author: Mayank Saxena

Mayank is a Mass Communications graduate who has been using his training and experience to increase the mass appeal of websites. He is also a regular contributor of reviews and articles in the field of website design and search engine optimisation.

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