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Website navigation is important to the sucess of your website visitor’s experience to your website. The website’s navigation system is like a road map to all the different areas and information contained within the website. Web designers sometimes create extraordinary design that are lovely to watch. Though those were created with heart and soul devoted in each page a simple navigation problem can ruin all. Without the proper navigation all the efforts go down the drain. Good navigation is essential in the internet experience. It provides site visitors with a simple and convenient way to browse. That’s why WIX has come up with tips and suggestions for it’s users to guide them overcoming the navigation problem.

Wix is the famous website builder specially known for flash web content building. They are willing to face their own challenges and committed to create high quality Flash websites. At the same time they are ready to provide any kind of solution needed by the users including the navigation problem. On their site they have put it very clearly what to avoid and what to not to overcome the problem. Website owners should always check that if they have set navigation or not because it’s not unlikely that people forget to do so.

Using a fixed menu that appears on the same spot on all pages is the basic of not getting lost. Make sure that the buttons are equal in size, even when the text is not equal in length. It will be extra nice of you to add a link to the homepage from the site’s logo, in addition to the Home button on the menu.

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