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Brinkster is one of the fastest growing web builders that offers the highest quality service regarding web solutions. It can provide best supported domain name, shared and dedicated server web hosting, email and data storage services. Brinkster announced that it is offering free domain names for life when signing up for a web hosting plan.

That was much appreciated by their members because sticking to one domain name is what everybody wants. No one has the desire to waste time to renew the domain name periodically or continuously haunted by the threat of loosing the unique name. Brinkster has come up to fight over the anxiety. There are three main concerns that occur with domain names: yearly renewals, hijacking of un-renewed domain names, and the registration of domain names in other extensions by the competition. The free domain names for life promotion helps solve these concerns by automatically renewing the domain names, and by giving customers multiple free domain names to register.

With their offer web users can also overcome the extension problems. With the promotion customers can select up to seven domain names. Of course the number will vary depending upon the plan they are choosing. They can select names with the extensions: .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .us, and .ws. It does not need to mention that having a domain name is a vital part of any successful web site. With the free domains for life promotion Brinkster is proud to accelerate this part of customer’s web presence. And customers can use all the potential extensions to be visible in the web world.

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