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To get a good ranking on Google, or any major search engine, you have to make sure your website is “search-engine optimized.” If you are not very much sure, what SEO or search engine optimization is, then learn it quick. Because it has potential to rank your page higher on a search engine. SEO means your site is as accessible as possible to the search engines to improve the chances that they will serve it up when your potential customers type in specific search terms. The more easily search engines find your site, the higher up it appears on their results pages.

Constructing your site the right way is important. Search engines “crawl” the Web looking for the keywords that their users enter, so sprinkling those keywords throughout your site means your pages will be picked up during searches. When you have a good set of keywords, put them into the URLs, page titles, and content of your Web pages.The most effective page titles are about 75 characters long and include the most important keywords at the beginning. On each page, keywords and phrases should represent 2% to 3% of the total content.

Weebly, the website builder has come forward to help people with putting keywords on every pages. In fact it was highly requested feature from its users. They all wanted the ability to specify descriptions & meta tags on a per page basis. Page descriptions and meta tags are placed in the HTML code of a page to assist search engines (like Google) in understanding the content on the page. Like I said before, the better a search engine understands the content on a page, the more likely it is that the page appears in search results. For more advanced users, Weebly added “header code” and “footer code” fields on a per page basis as well.

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