Wix Mobile: Free Website Maker for Mobile Sites

According to the official Wix blog, approximately US mobile users access internet through smartphones. With this trend rising, businesses and organizations have to focus on building a mobile friendly version of their site to attract smartphone customers. To capitalize on this trend, Wix has launched free website maker for creating and managing mobile sites.

 Wix Mobile: A Review

Wix  developers are always able to integrate the best features of their web editing platform in different versions. This approach gives a familiar interface experience to the user across different versions. Also, years of experience in developing free websites and users’ feedback comes handy in creating adding value to the interface for new versions. Thus, Wix Mobile stands for smart user interface, intelligent mobile-specific features and exciting design templates.

The website development process is similar to the standard website editor. A user can sign up for a Wix account, choose a domain name, select a template, create pages and publish the site. Wix Mobile version is HTML 5 compatible for easy upgrades. It is specifically developed for viewing on Android-based smartphones and iPhones.

If you already have a registered domain name and a Wix site, you can still create a mobile site and edit settings so that a user reaches mobile site if he is accessing internet via smartphone. Users who do not have Wix standard site can also use Wix Mobile.

Jimdo Upgrades Analytics Features for Better Reporting

Analytics is the most important of website maintenance. For any online business, analytics and user traffic reporting helps to understand ROI metrics and conversions. Simply put, it is like a real-time score card that evaluates if your website passed or failed. Being a crucial part of the entire web development and management process, certain free website makers offer basic analytics features. Recently, Jimdo, a top platform on the free website maker comparison chart, upgraded its analytics features.

New Features for Jimdo Analytics

The latest version of analytics is available to Jimdo Pro and Jimdo Business users. However, Jimdo can roll out these upgrades for free account holders as well in the near future. According to the official Jimdo blog, the latest version of analytics is developed for better presentation of data in a detailed manner and through a clean user interface. The new version is powered by Google Analytics, however, it attempts to simplify complex data reported by Google in simplified terms.

With a shorter refresh period of 24 hours and graphical representation of top metrics, the latest version of Jimdo analytics is set to start a new way in user traffic reporting among top website builders.

Wix Express: Create Free Websites at Lightning Speed

Innovation has been the topmost priority for Wix. Probably, that is the most important reason due to which this Flash-based website builder is able to compete with other SEO-friendly free website makers. Ranked among the top three platforms on the free website maker comparison chart, Wix has come up with a lightning speed solution for novice web users. The company has launched express editing platform for creating websites quickly and simply.

Wix Express Review

According to the official Wix blog, some internet users want a quick, straight-forward and instant solution to their website development requirements. Wix Express is build for such customers, who do not have time to invest into building an online property. Primary feature of Wix Express is a highly user-friendly interface that tells you how to build a in simple steps. Thus, eliminating the probability of errors in the process.

With Wix Express, the website development process is divided in four steps:

  • Filling in site details.
  • Choosing and customizing a website template
  • Managing pages and content
  • Publishing the site and sharing it with your friends

As the website development process is presented in a structured fashion, Wix Express is a good option for novice users. Based on the feedback from the developers’ community, Wix is expected to create a full-fledged CMS for Wix websites.