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If you have gone through the free website maker reviews, you already know that Webstarts is top on the list. Users who were wishing to have a web site of their own and have been trying number of site editors over the years from the most advanced and most expensive, to the cheapest, at last put their bet on Webstarts. Members of the builders highly appreciate the instructional videos that make building a site about as easy as possible for even an amateur who never created a site before. Customer service also was highly praised as most of the web builders failed to build up reputation in that sector.

Webstarts have some attractive features that can easily make the spontaneous surfers slip into their world. It allows users to add a Forum directly to their website. A Forum is a great way to keep the visitors coming back to the site. It has rearranged the reward project too. WebStarts used to give away advertisement dollars to it’s new users. Recently they have raised the amount. Now they are giving away for free: $100 in Google Adwords Credits, $50 in Facebook Ad Credits and another $50 in MySpace Ad Credits.

Webstart’s photo gallery is another unique gadget for fresh website users. Photo galleries are a great way to display multiple photos on awebsite, allowing the site visitors to view thumbnail sized photos on the webpage. They can then click on any thumbnail to see a larger view. There are bunch of other features that can easily make you turn to Webstarts.

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