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Jimdo users were pretty much satisfied with the service from this German based web builder. To add more to the user’s excitement Jimdo recently offered the feature to set up a shopping cart on their sites. if Jimdo users wants to start selling something online through their websites, they can do it without any hassle. The new Jimdo feature is offering to add a full-fledged ecommerce element with professional look.

In this feature, a shopping cart feature is built right into the new product extension, complete with PayPal integration and the ability to include a custom check-out process. The starting has also considered the challenges of conducting online business on a global level. There are tax hazards while doing business globally. USA has one system and EU countries have another. Jimdo feature is making it possible for sellers to switch between U.S. Sales Tax and VAT (Europe) and customize shipping costs accordingly.

Jimdo users who are ambitious enough to dream success can use this Store feature and start writing business plan for next year. They can start organizing and publishing a catalog of products, which can be presented in various ways. The user can either try multiple pictures with detailed-view zoom functionality or go for other tradional formats like videos, text, PDFs and more. It is not necessary that you are selling only one product on a page. You can choose a variety of products and present them from various perspectives. Products can be featured as ‘bestsellers’ or within a given specific product category.

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