The plan you will need to make your own web site

Anything in the world deserves planning to be successful. It’s not different for web site also unless you just want to dream about it. Now that you are determined to make a web site of your own and not very much sure where to begin and where to go; this article will give a rough sketch about the planning you should work out now. First of all you need to be assured that it is not a difficult job. The first phase of your plan needs the answer of a question- why do you actually need the web site; for personal, business or commercial purpose? It’s important because this will determine where to go next. If it’s very much personal you can save time by picking a free web site provider from the Internet, pick up a template and put texts or pictures according to the direction. Alternatively you can use very simple software’s like Microsoft Front Page or even Microsoft word to create a page. If it has something to put a personal touch then you can think of designing and building a site by your own. As for example if you are a freelance professional then your site needs something unique that can be determined only by you. Then you can use Adobe Dreamweaver or Flash with a little help from the web.  But if you are in need of a business or commercial page it’s better not to try on your own and leave it to professionals because there are so many technical things involved that will be little too much for a beginner.

After completion of creating page structure you will now look for uploading the file on the Internet. You will need a hosting and domain name for that. Domain name is easy, the name and address of your web site. And hosting is like renting a cyber house to live. In most cases service providers offer a package with both domain name and hosting plans and a cheap one can be available for only 4 dollar a month. If your planned site is big you will need bigger space with more benefits.

So open your notebook and start planning carefully to make your web site now.

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Author: Ahmed Habib

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