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After passing the honeymoon period with your newly built website you have to think of some practical ways to make it popular or at least expose to maximum visitors. You may feel frustrating to see that a few customers are knocking on the door or sending inquiry mails. Don’t worry, there are hundreds of ways to promote your business. Of course, your budget and allocated times are important factors but you can test as many methods of marketing as you can and see what brings you best results.

As a beginner, you can think of starting with email marketing. It can be done by sending email to your existing clients and provide them with the address of your website. In the mail, you can even ask them to forward it to their friends and colleagues. But if it is a new business and there are no customers, you can send email to people you know that may be interested in your offer. The next step should be to send your business information to an opt-in email list. Opt-in email lists contain people or businesses who have requested to receive information about certain issues. But beware of spamming. Any unsolicited mail may annoy the receiver and have a negative impact about you.

Search engine is another tool to get promoted. A search engine is a searchable database of websites collected by a computer program. When submitting your website to the search engines, you can either do it manually by going to the search engine website and adding your URL or you can employ the services of a Search Engine Submission company, who will do it for you.

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