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After owning a beautifully designed and well planned web site, it’s time to promote it through all the possible ways that you can afford. Like anything, every steps in the business can be done either in a costly way or a cheap way. But as you are owning a small business and still there is a long way to go you should think of some ways to get costs the slip. Of course, promotion of a website deserves time and patience. Remember, haste makes waste.

Every hosting service usually provide a stat system that help you to track your visitors and number of visits on a page. If your service provider does not provide that, sign up for Google Analytics. It offers more data than some small businesses need. You need metrics in place at the beginning so you can track all your upcoming marketing efforts. This service is totally free. You can also create a pay per click advertising account. PPC advertising is a great way to get instant visibility and immediate traffic. Geo-targeting can be particularly effective for small businesses, and allows you to advertise with a smaller budget. Even if you set an ultra-low monthly budget, you’ll still have access to actual search counts for your keyword terms. This data can be invaluable for future marketing and web site development.

You can also try writing and distributing press releases. This will be a business announcement, and you should focus on your unique selling proposition. This can be done both offline and online. Adding a blog to the web site is also a good idea to spread the page all over the web world.

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