Recognizing your brand

The world is no longer an easy place to live on; competition is everywhere and success means winning the competition. Now if you have a business you have competitors and need of unique branding appears. You must make your product and service distinctive to others. That is the principal of branding. But the question is, how?

Interaction is the primary step. People don’t know who you are unless they’ve been exposed to you. Research statistics showed that people need at least three exposures to a brand before they remember it. This is what makes social media such a powerful tool. Three positive interactions with a prospect create brand recognition and social media opens you and your company up to thousands of potential prospects. Using social media tools with blogging, article writing, etc will help to build brand awareness and recognition.

Treating your visitors and customers with care is the key to make them remember you. Remember that an exceptional customer experience begins the moment your prospect lands on your website and doesn’t stop. You should plan to share knowledge and industry information with your prospects. Articles, reports, published books, and white papers all help establish brand credibility in your industry. And credibility translates into recognition.

Consistency is another key element. You need to use your logo, colors and graphics consistently throughout your web content and marketing materials. Create a theme and an image you want to portray and stick to it so prospects and customers can begin to recognize you. Boosting your brand recognition is a profitable business strategy.

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Author: Ahmed Habib

Ahmed is a freelance writer who enjoys writing - he is based out of Australia.

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