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With web services and domain name registration, Brinkster also offers hosting services. Their hosting plans has been proven one of the most cost effective and lucrative to the users. Starting only in 1999 it has grown in a shape that no one can ignore. Being simple is the secret to their success. Their services are reliable for every individual who are trying to have their own web site. It can meet the needs of individuals as well as small businesses.

Brinkster customers are impressed with the company’s hosting solution. But anyone can raise the question, what exactly Brinkster has that other web builders don’t. Of course the reliability is not just a marketing propaganda. Brinkster has a few data centers, all of which provide high quality services and top-notch security. They have designed an infrastructure that has backups in place for system failures so that websites can stay online. So no one needs to take the burden of anxiety of data losses.

The company cares about their customer’s security needs. A high level of security is used at the data center. Systems are monitored around the clock and security measures are in place to make certain no unauthorized individuals ever enter the building. Only the best hosting equipment and servers are used in order to provide dependable hosting solutions and uptime that is close to perfect. Moreover the radical customer service of Brinkster work to respond to inquiries as quickly as possible. Brinkster offers live chat, toll free telephone and also email support.

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