Review: New company offers custom made Weebly templates

They seem to have a supply of something that is certainly in demand to fuel the Weebly behemoth. Weebly ready templates are what they provide and we would love to knwo what you think of them. They seem to have two offerings:

  • Ready made templates for  $29
  • They will custom make you templates for $59

They seem to have some pretty templates going on right from the box.

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Author: Nico Black

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5 thoughts on “Review: New company offers custom made Weebly templates”

  1. These Weebly themes provider, DivTag, has a good selection of themes for Weebly users to choose from. And they’re also growing their number of templates. Another special thing that they have are plug-in’s, interactive widgets that you can literally integrate into your website easily! I think they’re fantastic addition to the Weebly community and their prices are very affordable if you compare it across the board to other template providers. For about $20, you get a very attractive look for your website!

  2. DO NOT USE WETHEMETEAM! They created a custom theme pretty cheap for me but when I asked for a change they asked for more money first. As soom as I paid they took my money and run!

    1. Fcc,
      It is never our intention to treat our customers unfairly (that would simply be crazy). We’ve just discovered this complaint via this blog (another customer pointed it out to us). If you can prove that you are the customer who was poorly treated, contact us so that we can make this right.

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