Squarespace Raises $38.5 Million to Fortify Its Website Maker Platform

With a view to expanding its web publishing platform, Squarespace has raised US$38.5 million as minority investment in the company. The investment has come from venture capitalists Index Ventures and Accel Partners. According to the official company blog, Squarespace will deploy this investment to revive its easy web editor and compete strongly with service providers that rank higher in the free website maker comparison chart.

What Does This Investment Bring to the Table?

For Squarespace as a company, this investment translates into greater resources to provide a good quality web publishing platform. Competing with the top free website makers, such as WordPress and Google’s Blogger, requires Squarespace to think proactively and add new features to its easy web editor. Investing time and effort in understanding the requirements of customers and aligning them with Web 2.0 features is essential for success in the web publishing industry.

However, there are no immediate benefits for users, they will benefit from better services in the near future. According to the blog posted by the founder of Squarespace, the company is planning to launch a new version of the web publishing platform by the end of this year. The new version will provide a more user-friendly platform, with simplified tools and features to assist customers in web publishing and management.

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Author: Mayank Saxena

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