Squarespace vs. Webstarts

When it comes to website building and publishing tools, Squarespace and Webstarts are probably the most preferred choices among consumers. Professional quality websites, extensive-range of features and highly user-friendly interface set them apart from other contenders in the free website maker comparison chart. However, Squarespace and Webstarts have different and distinct set of rules for the game called website building.

Squarespace vs Webstarts: Contrasting Approach to Website Building

Squarespace is a premier online website building that offers rich features and high quality free web editor. The Squarespace website speaks volumes about the difference it brings to the consumer businesses. As they say, not everything in this world is free. Squarespace offers only a 14-day trial period of free. After the end of the trial period, you have to buy any of the subscription packages to continue with your website. Also, the subscription packages for Squarespace are slightly on the higher end costing a minimum$8 per month.

Alternatively, Webstarts is an advocate of free web publishing process. It allows users to add different types of content, such as text, video, images, and a range of widgets to enhance website usability. Supported by a highly-dynamic developer’s community, Webstarts expands its kitty of features almost every week. Online tutorials for new web publishers also prove to be a welcome addition.

The decision here is simple. Squarespace targets businesses and organizations; while Webstarts appeals to both business and individual users. Therefore, the choice is yours!

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