Moonfruit 5.0 is Live

‘Moonfruit Lounge’, the official blog of the Moonfruit free website maker proudly announced the launch of the 5.0 version of its easy web editor. A majority of the upgrades are focused on making the web publishing environment more user-friendly and organized.

Moonfruit 5.0: Major Upgrades

Some of the major upgrades introduced with the latest version of Moonfruit easy web editor are:

  • New SiteMaker environment, which includes scrolling for side panels, customizable toolbar shortcuts and integrated People panel.
  • Updated service area for webmaster tools, Google Adsense and Google Analytics.
  • New colour mixer, which offers an extensive range of colour tones and blends.
  • Automatic resize feature for images on a web page. This enables users to view an image in normal and zoom mode automatically. This feature will reduce the page load time.
  • Greater control over textual formatting. Manage line spaces for text boxes and change font type with each paragraph. Add graphic fonts in a text box for designing purposes.
  • Ability to add longer links with the flexibility to open the external URLs in the same window, a new window or a new tab.

As Moonfruit accomplishes advanced upgrades, and not just cosmetic modifications, it is expected to attract more traffic. With a series of service upgrades expected in the near future, Moonfruit can seek an entry into the list of the top 10 free website makers in the world.

Moonfruit Alerts Customers Against Publishing Incomplete Websites

Moonfruit’s official blog has cautioned its customers against launching websites that are incomplete. According to the blog, many users cannot face the excitement of launching their first website and in this hurry, they publish a website with incomplete features. This rush usually proves to be a fatal starting point and adversely affects the buzz that your website would have created with a full-fledged launch.

Essential Considerations before Publishing a Website

A website is your online identity as an individual or an organization. The initial impression is crucial for online marketing. According to user statistics, if a website is not able to attract viewer attention in the first 30 seconds, it loses the business. Additionally, if the website appears incomplete or unprofessional, users will switch to another website within seconds. Thus, to create a market for your website, you should launch a site only after installing all the necessary features and adding the required content. However, you can modify the website later for new features or services.

The official blog of Moonfruit has mentioned three most important elements to be considered before launching a website:

  • Color scheme
  • Font type and size
  • Navigation structure

Another factor to consider while launching a website is the meta tags report. Users should add the meta title, description and keywords for individual pages to ensure that people are able to search your website.

Moonfruit, an easy web editor, offers search engine optimization and user traffic analysis for every website hosted on its servers. Thus, Moonfruit users can enjoy SEO benefits without hiring professionals for these specialized services.