Ewisoft is easy to use and comes in free and paid versions. The free versions offers all the necessary functions required to design a basic web site. Requires downloading and installing software.

The Ewisoft is an HTML Website Builder that’s been around since 2003 and frankly looks like much hasn’t changed since. It’s a bit outdated in both look and feel and in it requiring a download to get the editor working. It includes a integrated shopping cart and the standard set of features. There are plenty of templates to chose from. It’s a good choice if you want a solid product with a track record.


An excellent service for those with little or no web hosting experience. It provides ready made cutomisable templates. Storage capacity is 600 gigabytes. Also, it allows embedding audio and visual media.

What struck us most about BlueVoda was how very versatile it was. With truly a powerful drag and drop interface, BlueVoda’s limits are only those of your imagination. The tricky part is that once you are done creating your stunning and versatile website with their software they ask that you host it on their hosting services – the price is very reasonable. Also, it makes quite a lot of sense – if you are so serious to use such a powerful tool as they offer, you might as well invest in hosting. If spending money isn’t your thing, you can just use it as a fun and functional drawing board.