SnapPages versus

Nowadays, most people worldwide prefer searching and shopping for products online. This makes it absolutely crucial for every retail business to have online presence to remain competitive. Those intending to set up a business online can opt for any of these two online spaces – SnapPages or

Both the website makers rank high in the free website maker comparison chart. This blog will help you decide on the website maker that perfectly suits your needs.

SnapPages Focuses User Experience

Powerful site creation interface, massive image bank and customizable templates are just few features which makes SnapPages very popular. Some other aspects of this website maker include blog, calendar as well as the ability to give permissions. Through the ‘permission’ functionality, you can allow people to access certain parts of your website.

SnapPages has a pro version which is priced at $8/month. The pro version offers additional features, such as analytics, HTML/JavaScript embeds, SEO settings and a custom domain name. Simplifies WordPress Hosting Solutions has revolutionized the website building industry by offering solutions to simplify WordPress hosting. This website maker combines SEO, WordPress themes, automatic backup and an array of plug-ins. This is the reason due to which is generally considered a one-stop-shop for site development. The services of are priced at $14.98/month.

Both the website makers come with a price tag. If high quality is a major concern, is the recommended website builder. However, for those who are looking for good usability, SnapPages will prove beneficial.

SnapPages Enables the Creation of Pages as Links

In an effort to enhance the functionality of the SnapPages website builder, the company
has launched a new update. With this development, SnapPages users will be able to
create pages as links. The benefit of this feature is that a user can add multiple links to the
main navigation bar, which redirects to a common URL.

What Does This Mean for You?

The main purpose of this functionality is to direct users from different web pages to your
main page or sales page. It is a method of strengthening internal linking of the website.
Here, one should note that search engines, such as Google and Bing, prefer websites with
high quality internal linking. However, excessive linking can ruin the users’ experience.
Thus, it is essential to exercise discretion while creating pages as links.
While creating pages as links, you add multiple options to the main menu bar. However,
these links direct users to your sales page instead of a new web page within the website.
Thus, by creating pages as links, you can engage the user traffic in a more comprehensive

How to Create Pages as Links?

Follow the instructions below to create a webpage as a link:

  • Create a website with SnapPages.
  • Create a new webpage with the easy web editor
  • The app will ask you to create a link page or a standard page.
  • Select the link page option
  • Enter the URL and the title of the page where you want to redirect users.

It is to be noted that SnapPages has updated its web editing platform to a great extent in
the past months. However, the top website makers in the comparison chart are ahead of
SnapPages in terms of the quality of website design templates and Web 2.0 features.

SnapPages Integrates Tutorials for Apps

To facilitate beginners in the process of free website development, SnapPages has embarked upon new integrated tutorials. According to the company blog, it is an addition aimed at better customer services and simplified processes.

SnapPages Tutorials for Beginners

Highlighting the features of SnapPages easy web editor, the company admits that a beginner can face some challenges with the web development and applications installation process. To end these bottlenecks, SnapPages has developed integrated tutorials for all the applications available on the platform. It is to be noted that all the tutorials are in textual format and not available as video. The idea behind not having videos was to allow users to work out applications simultaneously while reading the tutorials. However, the website has a long video tutorial available on the Home Page, which highlights all the main features of their service.

According to expert and user reviews, SnapPages stands at the 10th position in the free website maker comparison chart. However, this free website service provider has updated design templates, server space and applications significantly in recent months. The website scores low primarily for providing less number of features with the free account. Even the paid account is priced higher than accounts offered by other competing service providers.