Webstarts vs. Weebly: Exploring Ecommerce Features

Ecommerce functionality is crucial for any website that has an aim to sell products or services online. This feature allows you to set up a web store and receive online payments through shopping cart software. Webstarts and Weebly are known for providing high quality ecommerce services. Rated among the top platforms on the free website maker comparison chart, both the website builders promise robust, safe and secure ecommerce integration on your website.

What is the Difference in Webstarts and Weebly Ecommerce Services

Webstarts and Weebly fall in the league of free website makers; however, ecommerce services are not a part of the free package. So, you have to sign up for paid packages. Webstarts offers all-in-one internet marketing solutions with customizable shopping cart software. The software allows fixed price and recurring payments via Amex, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and PayPal. You can also send product updates and other email alerts to your customers automatically.

Weebly allows PayPal and Google Checkout shopping cart integration. With this feature, you can customize these shopping card products to match your website theme and include a payment button for purchases.

Weebly does not have proprietary ecommerce software, but facilitates deploying of a third-party services using HTML code. Thus, Webstarts is a better option for advanced ecommerce features.

Brinkster versus Webstarts

With online branding gaining high importance in the global and local markets, a number of amateur internet users feel the need to set up a website. While the evolution of free website makers has made website development simpler, the process may seem complex to a new internet user. Thus, it is important to register with a website maker that offers extensive support to consumers.

Webstarts: Top Quality Customer Support

Having held the top position on the free website maker comparison chart since more than 12 months, Webstarts boasts of high quality customer support. The platform allows you to register for a free website and post content regularly through easy web editor. The content management and web publishing process is very simple. To make it simpler, Webstarts offers an extensive video tutorial on every aspect of the web publishing process.

Brinkster: Different Packages for Different Needs

As a free website maker, Brinkster is known for a range of free packages for different web publishing needs. There are varied packages for personal users, individual users and developers. These packages are good for regular internet users; however, they are not suitable for new internet users. Also, the platform lacks video tutorial support for new consumers.

Webstarts Offers Live Chat Support for User Websites

Interaction is one of the most important aspects of Web 2.0. A website should allow users to interact with the administrator for authentic information, query resolution and feedback. To align with the spirit of Web 2.0, Webstarts has introduced live chat features on consumer websites. With this feature, Webstarts users would be able to integrate live chat functionality with their website that will connect customers directly to the designated customer service representative.

Benefits of Live Chat Service

When you build a website you want to give credible and extensive information to the customers. However, it is not possible to provide all the information in terms of website content. Moreover, internet media lacks the personal touch of offline marketing. To resolve these problems, live chat allows customers to interact with the business owner or representative directly. Company representative can reply to consumer questions and provide valuable information to turn him into a sales lead. It also helps to gain credibility among consumers.

Webstarts live chat service is hosted by Olark Live Chat. Users can create a website with Webstarts and activate this application on their website. Once installed, customers would see a live chat tool that will connect them to the company representative. Webstarts users can connect the program to their web-enabled phone as well for 24×7 customer support.