Weebly Organizes Live Training Sessions for Users

Weebly has always been rated among the top free website makers. Since 2010, this platform has secured top positions in the free website maker comparison chart. Powered by highly user-friendly web editing interface, Weebly has simplified the website development process of novice users. An extensive range of web design templates and exciting web features also help Weebly score over other free website makers. However, one feature that has been the differentiator for Weebly is its user tutorials.

Join Weebly Live Training Sessions
Starting May 2011, Weebly has started organizing live training sessions in the form of webinar to simplify the website development process of its users. These seminars are conducted on a regular basis for beginner and advanced users. On every Tuesday, introductory seminar is organized for beginners and on every Thursday, proficient users can participate in advanced website editing seminar. These seminars are approximately 50 minutes in duration, followed by a small Q&A segment. Users can also access recorded version of these seminars for later use.

Organizing live seminar is a great way to educate users about Weebly website editing platform. These seminars will help people optimize Weebly features and create interesting websites.

Weebly Releases New Range of Business Web Templates

Users have a new reason to change the look of their websites with Weebly, the easy web editor, releasing fresh and exciting design templates. All the new designs try to strike a perfect chord between the use of pictures and the content part of a web page. The 12 new easy web templates released by Weebly qualify for the business segment.

Fresh Designs in Weebly’s Store

To ensure user-friendly designs, all the new Weebly templates contain a prominent header image. Although the header images are really attractive, the platform allows you to replace it with a customized image. To reset your web design template, log in to the easy web editor and enter the design gallery. Browse through all the designs and choose one that blends in completely with your business.

For the past six months, Weebly has made significant efforts to improve its free website development platform. Weebly hosts a huge range of default themes, offers search engine optimization services and provides comprehensive website statistics. Some of the major developments in the recent past include a brand new dashboard, page specific SEO and ecommerce features. In January 2010, Weebly also announced professional services on demand. Under this segment, the company offers professional website building and web hosting services to their customers. However, offering commercial services is strictly against the basic concept of providing free web building interface to all the customers.