Weebly for Education – A New Era in Online Sector

Expanding the horizon of its business model, Weebly, the free website maker, is trying to expand its education service. The company is trying to popularize the Weebly for Education service, a dedicated website feature for schools and students.

What is Weebly for Education?

Weebly for Education is a social project by Weebly.com. It aims to provide a comprehensive platform for schools, students and parents to interact online. Some of the key features of this service are:

  • Develop a classroom website or blog as an online interaction platform
  • Create and manage user accounts in bulk
  • Add content to the webpages through multiple users, such as students can submit homework online
  • Manage student accounts through a single administrator account
  • Create accounts for parents to keep them updated about their ward’s performance

Customizing its easy web editor for education purposes, Weebly has stripped all the ecommerce features. Also, the administrator account has been given the right to set a content type as public or private.

Weebly for Education is a part of the premium services offered by the company. Schools can contact the website administrators to set up an account for them. The service is available free-of-cost for a period of 30 days. According to experts, this service has great potential to evolve into a successful business model. Such an innovative business model and user-friendly platform has earned Weebly second place in the free website maker comparison chart.

Weebly Releases New Range of Business Web Templates

Users have a new reason to change the look of their websites with Weebly, the easy web editor, releasing fresh and exciting design templates. All the new designs try to strike a perfect chord between the use of pictures and the content part of a web page. The 12 new easy web templates released by Weebly qualify for the business segment.

Fresh Designs in Weebly’s Store

To ensure user-friendly designs, all the new Weebly templates contain a prominent header image. Although the header images are really attractive, the platform allows you to replace it with a customized image. To reset your web design template, log in to the easy web editor and enter the design gallery. Browse through all the designs and choose one that blends in completely with your business.

For the past six months, Weebly has made significant efforts to improve its free website development platform. Weebly hosts a huge range of default themes, offers search engine optimization services and provides comprehensive website statistics. Some of the major developments in the recent past include a brand new dashboard, page specific SEO and ecommerce features. In January 2010, Weebly also announced professional services on demand. Under this segment, the company offers professional website building and web hosting services to their customers. However, offering commercial services is strictly against the basic concept of providing free web building interface to all the customers.

Weebly adds seo & site functionality

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Weebly has added long awaited features that help improve the development time and SEO quality of the site. These features include:

  • Copy a page – this means that after one spends a lot of time on formatting a layout and pictures to go across the site now you can duplicate this template across the site instead of building it from scrath each time you add a anew page.
  • Page specific SEO options – this enables the user to change the meta data across each page resulting in more friendly and readable information for the search engines (thus improving your sites’ rankings).
  • Icons for your homepage & password protected pages – in the page hierarchy you can now identify what page is the home page and you can easily lock down specific page of your site.