Jimdo vs Weebly: Which Platform Has Easy Interface

Jimdo and Weebly are two of the best free website makers available online. Both these platforms have been listed on the free website maker comparison chart consistently. While both these free website makers are known for easy-to-use interface, choosing between the two becomes a daunting task. In this blog you will read a comparative analysis between Weebly and Jimdo based on their user interface.

Jimdo vs Weebly: Comparing User Interface

Broadly, both Jimdo and Weebly, have similar registration process. To create a free website, a user has to sign up for an account with the platform. After successful registration, the user can choose a website name, select design template based on his specific requirements and start uploading content.

While the basics remain the same, there is visible difference between these two platforms in the way website editing process is organized for the user. With Weebly, all important website editing tools are categorized smartly and are easily accessible from the easy web editor. You can simply drag-and-drop a tool to activate it. Uploading content, sizing images and installing video players is much simpler in Weebly as compared to Jimdo.

For a new user, Weebly is the preferred option. It helps you to create and edit a website in a highly user-friendly way.

Weebly and Wix: Which is a Better Platform for Ecommerce Sites

For an ecommerce website, user experience through optimized sales funnels is the most crucial consideration. Sales funnels represent a user’s journey from different pages of the website to final checkout. A bad user experience at any part of the sales funnel can lead to the loss of business. Thus, user experience in terms of content, design and sales should be considered while choosing a free website maker for an ecommerce site.

Rated as the top platforms on the free website maker comparison chart, both Weebly and Wix offer amazing user experience for an ecommerce site. In the following blog you can read about how they compare in relation to other ecommerce features.

How to Choose Between Weebly and Wix

Both Wix and Weebly allow you to add ecommerce features to the website for free. With the ecommerce functionality, you can create a product catalogue and integrate the site with online payment systems to boost online sales.

Wix creates Flash-based websites that can be customized to a great extent. Product catalogues in a Wix ecommerce website look appealing. However, attractive designs are not the best solutions for all businesses. For subtle designs and more user-friendly ecommerce features, Weebly is a better alternate.

For advanced ecommerce features, you have to opt for paid versions of both these website makers.

Free Website Builder Reviews 2011

Free website makers have been at the forefront of the web revolution. Providing a user-friendly and free solution to the complex process of website development, free website builders have extended the concept of “internet democracy” to wider user base. However, with the growing number of players in the free website building market, users are finding it difficult to choose the most appropriate platform. For assistance in making an informed decision, here you can read free website builder reviews 2011.

Free Website Builder Reviews 2011: Evaluating Your Options

Free website builder reviews 2011 are based on three most important parameters to evaluate a website maker – features, user interface and upgrades. Based on these parameters and overall popularity, free website makers are ranked in the following manner:

  1. Wix
  2. Weebly
  3. Jimdo
  4. Webstarts
  5. 000webhosting
  6. Brinkster
  7. Squarespace
  8. Vistaprint
  9. WebEden
  10. EzWeb123

To provide more information, you can also read experiences of real internet users posted below each review. However, your decision to choose a free website maker should be based on your specific requirements and overall web strategy.