More freedom with Wix HTML component

What Wix always emphasized on is- freedom. That is what Wix is all about. And a new component was recently added to the freedom is the HTML. Now it is possible to embed HTML code into any Flash websites straight from the Wix editor. That means Wix users now have more liberty to choose the contents and forms of their websites. Avishai Abrahami, Wix Founder & CEO, in a current interview expressed his joy to be able to hand over the instrument of freedom to Wix users. And his pleasure is quite understandable. Because if you develop a mean that help others to be more creative that is, no doubt, a notable achievement. And users have already shown some unbelievable and inspirational applications using this newly introduced component.
With this new component Wix users can now add forms, calendars, schedules, chat rooms, facebook shares, site counters, polls by copy and paste the html codes. Or if the user is smart enough to write some html codes with own creativity, he can use it on Wix site to create something exclusive. So that takes him to the gateway to the horizon of newer creative exploration within the Wix realm. Wix always believed that the users know their needs better than the officials. And that value was reconfirmed by the introduction of this HTML component. But then comes the vital question; would Wix charge anything for the new component? Luckily Wix thinks that there lot more to be gained from making the HTML component available for all than limiting it to paying members.

Wix Introduces Social Networking HTML Widgets

The flash-based easy web editor, Wix, has introduced HTML widgets. With this, Wix has enabled social media integration into its platform – the hottest trend in the online world. This has provided Wix a crucial edge over other free web editors available online.
What Does it Mean for Wix Users?

With the HTML widget upgrade, Wix users will be able to install the following tools in their websites:

  • Google Calendar
  • Meebo Me
  • Meebo Chat
  • Nabble Forum
  • Wufoo Form
  • Polldaddy poll
  • StatCounter
  • Vimeo
  • Tungle Scheduler
  • Facebook Widgets & Like button
  • Twitter Widgets

For high-end users, Wix also supports blank HTML widgets. This allows the users the embed HTML codes for customized widgets.
HTML is Easy with Wix

In general, to embed prepare HTML code for a widget requires advanced knowledge of the HTML tags. However, the Wix team has done a great job by simplifying this process to a considerable extent. For every widget mentioned above, Wix has provided default coding. Users can make small changes, according to the given instructions, to customize the HTML coding to meet their requirement.

Follow these steps to install HTML widgets in your Wix website:

  • Login to Wix editor
  • Go to Widgets > HTML
  • Choose any of the listed HTML widgets
  • Click the ‘settings’ symbol displayed at the bottom center
  • Paste your embed code into the HTML editor
  • Alternatively, use the default code and make necessary modifications as per the given instructions.
  • Resize the widget as per your convenience and publish the site.

With the integration of social media widgets, Wix has offered more reasons to build your own websites. Now, users can enjoy high-quality templates from Wix, along with HTML widgets.

Wix partners with Fotolia to bring royalty free stock photos

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One of the trickiest things one finds they have to face is the dearth of quality royalty free stock photos. Wix decided that they will help out their users and announced last month that they will help with that annoying issue. There new partnership with Fotolia allows Wix users to access more than 100 photos of the highest quality that will certainly upgrade any website. Nicely move Wix!