Things to remeber while designing your own web pages

Designing a web page is easy and hard at the same time. If you are not convinced with the statement, I can explain. Learning the technical skill is not that much hard. With a little effort you will learn how to draw, how to create animated texts or how to make dynamic text boxes. But web pages are not only for playing on your pc. It will be viewed all over the world. So designing must consider user friendliness. And believe me it’s not as easy as it sounds. It needs some experience to make the web pages designed in friendly fashion. Here in this article I am going to talk about some things to remember while designing your web pages.

One of the best tips is, keeping the page size small. You must know that small web pages load faster. That allows your visitors to be free from waiting for too long. A slow loading web site will discourage visitors from staying at your site. Style sheets ensure a consistent look across your site. Using style sheets for positioning the elements on the page may sound complex but ultimately this will relive you from various hazards.

Color combination is another headache for designers. Too much clumsy colors will just add pain on visitor’s tastes. Background color should always be light. Whatever you do just don’t forget to give a descriptive title to your document. Adding site map is not always old fashioned as long as it let the user understand what’s there on the page.

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