Three mistakes in web site development

When you are launching a web site you are not dreaming of failure but success. But are you prepared to be succeeded? Well, in the process of developing web site of your own you have to be careful with some common mistakes that may intrude into your dream. Mistakes that can turn off the impression of your visitors and making them decided never to get back to your site.

One of the common mistake that is done by the developers is not to make the site compatible with every possible platform. Sometimes the websites are developed in such a way that it is workable only for that browser and not for any other. Developer’s choice may be harmful. Some may like Firefox very much and completely committed Explorer. Whatever the criticism is, explorer still is the most used browser by the Internet users. Other than the explorer choice there are many options. Visitors would need to go for the particular one. This is something not possible all the time for the visitors. So better stick to the concept of platform independence.

Doing anything that cause the page take a long time to be loaded is another mistake. One of the major reason is using long and clumsy codes in the developing process. If at the developed website is composed of lengthy codes then surely it is going to consume more time to get loaded, which might test the user’s patience. Using flash contents and heavy graphics may cause the same problem.

Faulty dynamic page is another common mistake. These pages are mainly created to help visitors to answer their queries so that they can collect information about a particular thing whenever required. These pages pop up whenever asked for. If ages are not linked properly then, it maybe a annoying experience. Dealing the database needs some practice and experience.

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Author: Ahmed Habib

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