Three tips to make a clean design for your website

Nothing is more irritating than a messy looking web page in the cyber world. It’s frustrating both for the owner and the visitors. Worst of all, it inspires the visitor to bade your web page goodbye as soon as possible. So it’s very important to design the web page simple and clean. Clean website design is easy for eyes. It has power to welcome everyone and makes easy to find the information quickly.

Here are some ways for you to follow if you really want to own a clean and simply designed web site. First of all, you have to forget about using every inch of the page. It’s like one day cricket. You don’t have to go after every ball; good players know what ball should be left. Breaking things up a little bit using blank or white space throughout your website will only add elegance to the page. It helps you place emphasis on important images or text. It’s better to think of white space as part of the design.

Purposive attitude will always serve you. If you find anything on the web page that doesn’t contribute to ultimate goal, just remove it. What annoys visitors most are – blinking banners, annoying flash images, scrolling text, and unrelated advertisements.

Being exceptional is good but that does not necessarily mean that it will always be useful. Usually, navigation for a website is located either along the top or on the left-hand side. If you want to try different composition, remember, you may fail to attract the user’s normal eye movements.

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Author: Ahmed Habib

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