Three vocabularies needed in building a web page

If you are looking for some easy tutorials to start building a web page for yourself there is a common problem that takes place. The problem is least related with skill or techniques. Because there are so many web sites offering free assistance to build your own web page. Problem is finding the site that has presented easy-to-understand step-by-step guides. Even if you could manage to find one you will have to stumble upon some vocabularies used in every line. So this article aims to give a general introduction to three of those vocabularies commonly used and necessary for building a web page.

The most common word found in all the guides and tutorials is- html. It stands for Hypertext Markup Language. The language uses tags and some unique words that instruct the web page how to react. You may have already known that we browsers do not understand languages that we use in everyday life. It only communicates with own language. So when you write something on a page in English, you have to give instructions to the web browser how to read it. That instruction comes in the form of html.

All we are talking about web pages but can you define it? Let’s try to understand what it is. A web page is a single document that is written in html.

So a page constructed with html is readable to web browser. So what is web browser anyway? It’s nothing but software that can interpret the web pages written in html.

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