Tips to draw layout of your web site

Lots of flashing banners, blinking text, font colors similar to background colors do not guarantee a smart web site. Those things make it hard for users to navigate through their websites to find and read the content of interest. Anyone wants his or her site to be proved as user friendly. The fact is most of the people do not have any clear idea how to do this.

The websites designed might look quite good on developer’s system but poor on others. Knowing the screen resolution, especially the screen width, of your visitorsĀ“ computer screens is important because you want to build web pages that fit well into the horizontal space on their screens. Most of the computer users now own screen that has a resolution of 1024 by 1125 pixels. After having a clear idea of your document size the first thing you need is a pencil and a paper. Don’t get shocked. Sketching the layout will always give you an advantage while working on the computer.

Now when you are drawing, keep in mind that top navigation attracts more viewing in general than left or side navigation. Top left of a page is always eye-catching. Consider a newspaper. The main headline always occupies that section. In general, navigation across the top and above the content serves well on the home page. it preserves the valuable top-left content area of your page to work on without distracting to other potentially less-attractive content. Information-dense layout, with tight and packed content, gets more attention than sparse content.

Usually visitor’s eye move like a Z on the page, starting from top left it pans to right and goes down to the bottom left. Follow the pattern while designing. Content in the left top third of the content area gets the first attention and the most attention. Most visitors identify which portion of a web page is header versus content very rapidly, and attention starts, and often ends, at the top left of the content area.

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