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Any frequent surfer on the Internet knows about Flash at least by name. Because sites are now flooded with Flash applications and those have become essential to add to the beauty and standard of a web page. It’s not long since when the program Flash has been using by the professional developers to make web pages. Flash is a software that was originally developed by macromedia and very recently Adobe took control of it. It was known as animation software and animators who are working with two dimensions, found the program as most reliable and lovable. The speciality that flash offer to make a web page is- you can use the same software to create documents, edit pictures and creating animations.

Flash is user friendly until you are not going into code panel. The program uses a unique programming language named as action script. Adobe Flash has developed the third version of it. If you are familiar with languages then you can do almost all impossible things possible on a web page. But even if you don’t feel comfortable with coding there is nothing to worry about. Simple applications for a web page can be done with simple mouse clicks. All you need to do is getting acquainted with the interface. There is a tool set on the left and use it like you do in ‘Paint it’ program. Pick anything you draw and then right click on it. You will see an option named ‘convert to symbol’. Click there and you will see three options- graphics, movie clips and button. Click the button and your artwork will be turned into a button. And you can trust me, setting the button is nothing hard to grasp. The main thing of working with flash is fun environment.

When you are ready to publish the page go to file menu and click publish setting. Check boxes beside swf and html box. And when you will click publish the page will be converted into two separate files. One is with swf extension and other is with html. When it’s time to upload files to server just remember that you will have to upload both of the files.

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