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Java applications are something that a smart web page just can’t avoid. Usually a web page consists of text, links and a number of images. And the web site developer uses HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) to add and to format the objects on the web page. Javascript is used to add functionality to the web page. However it’s also possible to create the whole web page using Javascript. The Javascript programmer can create a blank document, add image and links and write code that will change the image when the link is clicked. If you are a developing web developer then you must understand the difference between HTML and javascriprt.

Difference between HTML and Javascript
HTML is the language in which web pages are written to be interpreted by the server as a graphic interface. Javascipt is similar, but is actually a web-adapted version of actual programming code, intended to write applets to use on websites. They are both a type of code, but html is NOT a programming code. The HTML defines what the webpage should look like whereas the javascript handles applications.

Is it hard to learn?
The best way to learn programming, is to do it. Study the Document Object Model, and you’ll get a basic understanding of how to access content via javascript. The language itself is very similiar to any other scripting language. And there are plenty of ready-made coding available on the web. All you have to do is watch the structure and practice it again and again.

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