Turning traffic into business

You may already have learned many tricks to increase the visibility of your web site. You are running a small business and using the website as a tool to make the business flourished. Very good. But increasing traffic is not the last thing you want with the website unless it is generating money. Hundreds of visitors but not a sale! It’s like famous poem by Colridge- ‘Water and water everywhere but not a drop to drink!’

To do something on sale you have to do some homework first. Your website provides a representation of your company since you are aren’t actually talking to them. Think twice- are you using the right keywords that inspire your customers to purchase your products or services? Using quality content on your website will help to provide your customers with the information they are seeking and strengthen your relationship with them. If you sent out brochures and marketing pieces to generate leads, you need to act quickly. Timing is everything when it comes to turning leads into sales.

You must make an arrangement so that you can always keep a list of your customer’s contact information. You may need to do some follow up work with a few customers that are simply interested in just peering on the information but aren’t quite ready to buy anything right now. You need to send them additional information about the company and products in order to build up relationship with the customer. It will help you convert them to a sale when you follow up with their inquiry after a few weeks.

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Author: Ahmed Habib

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