uCoz is good service for website creation, it works with a modules concept which allows you to integrate powerful features into your site like a forum, photo gallery, blog and more. The user interface is a little outdated, but they have a decent service over-all.

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The best component of uCoz is its module approach towards website creation. They have tweleve of those: forum, site news, ad board, blog, photo albums, online games, guestbook, tests, email forms, polls and more. Each one of these modules can serve as a stand-alone site or to complement the main site. To-date they have 246 different templates to chose from. They have a drag and drop interface so you can tweak their templates. One of the best features they have is allowing your users to comment and rate your photo gallery. uCoz do not have the most intuitive user interface but it can definitaly work for beginners.

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