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Whether you’re planning to start an online business or just print your steps on the world of web, having your own website is the first step. It is needless to say that a professional will do better than you in designing a web page but what it would lack is the personal touch of your very own. It is possible to set your touch on the web page with the introduction of website builder tools. The user friendly interface is easily usable to build up and publish the web page. Among all the website builders Weebly seems to be keeping ahead in terms of user friendly interface.

Just a couple of months ago Weebly has introduced a completely redesigned user dashboard area. The dashboard area is the place where you can land for editing and design your contents. So you must be expecting the area to be easy enough to handle. The new Weebly dashboard have made it much easier to manage your websites, traffic stats, blog comments, form entries, billing information, and account information.

Weebly has some put very thoughtful effort while redesigning the user dashboard. They took a step back to earn the perspective of a user. They set themselves up to really think about what information is important to a user in managing websites and present it in a way that is very much clear and intuitive. Weebly users did not hesitate to denounce their gratitude by having such a great dashboard with more useful options.

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