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Wix is one of the most popular web builders that offer flash platform to develop your website. With simple drag and drop editor anyone can now dare to create a website. Recently Wix has introduced HTML widgets for its users that is supposed to give users more freedom. If the user is professional and know whole lot about HTML then he will find it surprisingly time saving. And if the user is very new to the HTML sector, he can just copy-paste external HTML codes and make things happen as he wants.

If you have idea about the issues and limitations of the widget you will have the advantage to make plans accordingly. Html widgets in Wix will always be on top of other components. Thus, any content being underneath an html widget would not be accessible even it appears on the screen. So the user have to make sure that no behaviors like clicks, mouse hover or buttons sit underneath the HTML widget. The widgets cannot be rotated; even if you rotate it in the editor, it will remain unrotated in your site.

The user should make sure to test the widget across different browsers because it may look different on different browsers. The use of Wix HTML widget is restricted strictly to sites correctly hosted on Wix servers. Any embedding of user’s site prohibits the use of the HTML Widget. If anyone publish his site as “Best Fit”, there is hardly any way to predict how the Widget will react to different screen sizes; the only way to know would be to test the site with different browsers. Wix recommend using “True Size” instead.

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