Using Joomla on Brinster

Joomla is a popular word among the website users. It is a powerful open source content management system to build websites. You may know what Open source software is! It is usually free from licensing fees associated with commercial software. The source code of Joomla is available for everyone to go through and you can know exactly what you are getting as opposed to commercial software. There are great competitors like WordPress in the market but for some definite delicacy Joomla is adorable by many. Some of the free website builders let users to install Joomla applications free on the server. So people who are willing to own a website without learning curves can now make the use of that powerful tool. Brinkster is one of the builders that is ready to let Joomla in.

Making your website look great is so easy with Joomla! There are an abundance of professionally designed themes, many are free, that you can use with your site. Themes can be used as is or even modified to give your site a unique look or conform to your graphic brand as needed. The money that you save on development of a website by using a system like Joomla! can be put into graphics and content for your site.

In order for Joomla to function properly with Brinkster while using the .htaccess file to control your domains, you may need to make a minor configuration update to your joomla configuration.php file. From within the file manager, browse to the folder that contains your joomla installation and double click to open the configuration.php file. Find the “var $live_site” setting, edit this setting for the URL you use to browse your Joomla installation. Once this configuration change is made and saved, your links will now all reference the live site configuration you made and will no longer link to the sub folder.

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