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RSS is a format that allows the syndication of lists of hyperlinks, along with other information, or metadata, that helps viewers decide whether they want to follow the link. And a feed contains a list of items or entries, each of which is identified by a link. Each item can have any amount of other metadata associated with it as well. RSS is a format that’s intended for use by computers on behalf of people, rather than being directly presented to them. To enable this, a Web site will make a feed, or channel, available, just like any other file or resource on the server. Once a feed is available, computers can regularly fetch the file to get the most recent items on the list.

But you have to understand the significance of RSS feed before using on your web site. It allows your visitors to see your site without going out of their way to visit. It improves your site’s visibility; by making it easier for users to keep up with your site. They’ll know when something that interests them is available on your site. As for example, suppose that your company introduces a new product or service periodically. The feed will let your viewers to remember to come to your site and see if they find anything new.

Any list-oriented information on your site that your viewers might be interested in tracking or reusing is a good candidate for a feed. This can encompass news headlines and press releases, job listings, conference calendars and any kind of top 10 lists. If you are using web builders then you need not to worry about setting up the RSS feeds. There are built in options to guide you through the process.

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