Using video for marketing

Statistics showed that on average any single person on the planet watches more than five videos in a month. Most of them are watched on youtube; the number is quite extraordinary- 14.6 billion! You may exclude developing countries from the statistical book. But even though the rate would get higher. So you can imagine easily how popular is the video tool on the web. And if you are up to a business, you should not let a popular tool unused for your marketing purpose. So start beginning to think of the ways to use the tool.

One of the popular genre of video is testimonial. There is nothing more assuring than a real character telling you about a business or products. Usually this kind of video runs less or equals to thirty seconds. There is always a link provided with the video and customers find it useful if they want to ask anything about the product after watching. You can find how-to videos on the web these days on anything. he plain fact is that people thirst for knowledge, and the best way to transmit that is through a simple tutorial video. If you’re not comfortable in front of the camera, you may want to create a computer tutorial instead.

You can think out of the box by presenting some creative elements rather than a speech. Any humorous animation or videography can help people remembering your brand and share it with others as a fun stuff. With a little cost you can make these small clips with freelancers.

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Author: Ahmed Habib

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