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Microsoft word is the most popular word processor all around the world. But a few users know that web page building is possible using this software. Well it is not a myth and quite possible with some simple click operations. First thing to do, of course, prepare the document with contents that you like to put on the web. There are all the tools that available similar to a professional web page building software. Tables, forms, radio buttons, text fields- nothing is missing from the software. Your general knowledge is enough to design the page in usual fashion. Building text box and putting images in appropriate place should not be a problem with regular users of the software. When the document is built it’s time now make it a web page. This can be done in two ways. You can choose between the two that you feel more convenient. Before going to learn the publishing options let’s hear another way to build web page.

There is a web page wizard in Microsoft word that can do the pre formatting the web page. The wizard can give you options to choose among different built in layouts, images and backgrounds. After choosing the format and style you will have a structure where textbox and places for images are predefined like a web page. Now all you need to start writing and place relevant images to proper places.

Now back to the publishing option. Before publishing you can preview the web page by clicking ‘web page preview’ from file menu. In that menu you will see an option labelled as ‘save as web page’. Just click on that and word will convert into an html document file. Otherwise you can do that exactly same thing by clicking ‘save as’ option and choose ‘html document’ as format.

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