Webs Soars High on Updates

In a short span of one month, Webs, the easy web editor tool, has released a host of new features and updates. All the additions are targeted to simplify the website building and managing process for Webs users. The latest addition is the ecommerce platform updates.

Ecommerce Updates from Webs

Web Store, an ecommerce application from the free website maker, has added to new features to the online shopping platform:

Custom question field: This feature will allow Webs site owners to add a question for customers before every purchase. Site owners can include questions for every new product added to their inventory. The question field should be used to understand customer requirements more appropriately. For example, imagine you are selling shoes in your Webs ecommerce store. Now, you have a pair of shoes that are not suitable for people with flat feet. To avoid people with flat feet buying this pair of shoes, you can simply add a compulsory question prior to the purchase

European Union shipping category: The shipping list has also been upgraded
to include European Union as a category. This is particularly important for
international customers and will reduce the task of creating individual shipping pages for each EU nation.

To increase their ranking in the free website maker comparison chart, the company has launched an online contest. Now, Webs users can share their website building experience on the official company blog. By sharing your Webs experience, you can win a one-year domain name subscription for free.

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