Website content writing to grab the attention of potential customers

A web site to assist small business has some challenges to meet. It will highlight the special product or service and express the specialty. But a website is not just a showcase that just exhibit images and prices. You need well written and well organized content that can earn the respect of the visitors. But what is the secret behind writing killer contents? Nothing hard.

First, concentrate on your headline of any section. Before going into any detail of an product, visitor read the headlines at a glance. Now ask yourself- Do your headlines capture your prospects’ attention or do they confuse them and send them away? Avoid any kind of welcome Statements. On many web sites the first line goes like this- Welcome to our Site. Welcome statements are a waste of time in marketing materials; they do little to help prospects understand what you do. You should also delete vague descriptions and statements. Some cliche sentences crowd up the home page like- we offer best services or bla bla. Everyone is offering best services so why you add that on your site; just prove it.

Usually consumers buy on emotion and justify on reason. Try to influence customer’s behaviors in other ways. You may wish to add emotion to your communication toolbox. It’s something you do by getting ‘personal,’ by tapping into the hopes, fears, or aspirations of those with whom you’re communicating. Of course, we must use emotion ethically and responsibly. If you plan to use it, step back and ask yourself how you would respond if someone else directed that kind of a message to you. That’s always a simple but helpful litmus test.

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Author: Ahmed Habib

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