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Website builders have developed a technical term in cryptic form; that is- WYSIWYG. It is an acronym for “What You See Is What You Get”. These are kind of editors that allow you to edit the presentation of the document but restricts you modifying any source code pf the page. So you don’t have to bother for learning or editing codes. All you need to do is manipulate with design components using an editor window. That gives you the privilege to have a view of the end result on run time, before publishing.

Modifying an old pattern
Don’t think that it is something very new idea that was introduced only by the website builders. A famous example is Microsoft Word, the most popular word processor. When you are typing, you are actually seeing something very close that you will get when you print.
Modern software does a good job of optimizing the screen display for a particular type of output. However, ability of the user to be able to visualize what he or she is producing is not the main attraction of WYSIWYG. In web building software there are different options of viewing, like, composition mode, layout mode or preview mode. The preview mode is the closest to the final output.

What to choose?
As you may already know, wysiwyg web site software is plentiful. Two real poular choices are- FrontPage and Dreamweaver. Generally the designer can see exactly how their page will look after publishing with these software. Many major manufactures of WYSIWYG editors are incorporating drag and drop features as well as an HTML text editor within their programs. This means once an image is placed into the WYSIWYG editor the HTML code for that image is automatically written; the designer can then refine the HTML code to their specifications. To compare between the easy website builders with WYSIWYG, try this link:

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