Webstarts Promote YouTube for Video Hosting

Webstarts is encouraging its users to use the YouTube platform for video hosting services. In one of the latest posts made available on the official company blog, Webstarts has asked its users to leverage on the power of YouTube to add multimedia content to their free websites. An online video tutorial is also available on the company blog, which educates users on how to embed a YouTube video into their free Webstarts websites.

Benefits of Embedding a YouTube Video in a Webstarts Website

The biggest benefit of embedding YouTube videos is saving server space. Since the video is not hosted on your web server, you can embed several YouTube videos. Moreover, since the merger with Google, YouTube has emerged as a video social networking forum. You can leverage on the huge YouTube community to attract website traffic.

To embed a video on your Webstarts website, follow these steps:

  • Create a free website with Webstarts
  • Log in to YouTube
  • Upload an original video on YouTube
  • Add proper details, such as title, description and tags, for the video
  • Once the video is processed, open the link of the video and copy its ‘Embed’ code.
  • Now log in to your Webstarts account and go to the HTML page
  • Paste the embed code and you will be able to see a YouTube player on the screen
  • Place the player as per your requirement and click save.

A YouTube video is a great way to add high quality content to a website. It also helps generate traffic through search engines.

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Author: Mayank Saxena

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