Webstarts vs. Wix: A Review

Webstarts and Wix continue to rule the free website maker comparison charts for their high quality services and great features. Both services allow users to create a free website with endless features. Professional accounts are also offered by both service providers, at an affordable rate of less than $5 per month. However, there are some stark differences that make them unique.

Webstarts vs Wix: What Makes Them Stand Apart?

Webstarts is all about simplifying the web publishing process. It has a highly user-friendly platform that allows users to add text, images, videos and a host of widgets to the web
pages. Explicit tutorials are available for every feature to help users with the web publishing process. The company has been upgrading features every week to remain ahead of its competitors. Ecommerce services, traffic information and SEO services are also included in the free website package.

Wix, on the other hand, aims to make the internet a beautiful place with its range of attractive designs. Once you have a look at the Wix design gallery, it is hard to go with any other free website maker. It offers Flash-based websites that excel in term of Web 2.0 features, such as social media integration, photo albums, videos and real-time feeds. It is the best available tool for building online portfolios.

If you have to choose between the two, the only thing that can help you make up your mind is the purpose of the site you want to build. If it is portfolios that you wish to display,
Wix might be the better option. On the other hand, ecommerce sites might fare better with Webstarts.

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Author: Mayank Saxena

Mayank is a Mass Communications graduate who has been using his training and experience to increase the mass appeal of websites. He is also a regular contributor of reviews and articles in the field of website design and search engine optimisation.

2 thoughts on “Webstarts vs. Wix: A Review”

  1. I have made a few websites using Wix and I was thinking about using Webstarts, but was unsure if I needed to. This article explains the differences between Wix and Webstarts thus helping me figure out which site matches my needs. Thank you!

  2. I’ve used both Wix and Webstarts. My only complaints with Webstarts is you have to be careful where you place your text because it can overlap depending on what browers people are using to find your site. They also don’t allow you to embed a WordPress blog onto their site unless you use an iframe. And their blog feature offers an RSS feed that never seems to work. Overal these are minor problems and are easy to work around

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