Weebly is a quite simple but fundamentally powerful website maker. It’s very intuitive and has several templates to use and play around with. It loads very quickly and has built in analytics and a blog.

Weebly is a personal favorite with us, with its simple drag and drop interface and creating a full website. Weebly has also embedded a great analytics tool, video hosting and formatting tools which really make it ideal for small businesses and personal websites. In general we found that the site really serves users well if they need a flexible solution which is also friendly to search engines.

Recently Weebly have added dozens and dozens of new designs to their site and released a really nifty new control panel, or dashboard. They work very well with their community and seem to deliver many features that there are for by their community.

Author: Nico Black

Nico is a online marketer who has been living the Internet since 1999. Nico writes articles about how everyone - businesses, organisations, professionals, families and students can use websites.

14 thoughts on “Weebly”

  1. Weebly is an interesting product. Generally easy to use, though quirky for certain layout manipulations. It definitely takes some practice. One problem is changing text styles once the text is entered—it’s quite stubborn sometimes. Another negative is its still-limited range of template themes…but that should be resolved over time as they gear up for business. Overall, a great way to build a simple web presence. Very handy, as well, for web marketing tests, landing pages, etc.

  2. I think it’s a great service. It’s easy to use and intuitive. I don’t know about support as I never used it. There ought to be more templates and unless you go pro you are a bit limited with the amount of features you get and you are stuck with that annoying footer with Weebly’s name in it.

  3. So Weebly is a great web based internet site builder. It is incredibly easy to use and has all the standard feature any basic user would need (pictures, video, templates) along with some advanced features (feeds, ecommerce, html). Their is enough flexibility to give the user freedom to develop their own vision and create a good, personally designed web site.

    That being said their are a few setback to the system. It is very very limited to the standard templates they provide (which are surprisingly very few), Though their is a option to enter your own html code, if your that advanced then you wouldn’t be looking to use a web based site builder. The templates are few and the options for playing around with the template are also very limited. Its like always working within a box, you have no where to go.

    Weebly is ultimately a tool for bloggers. People who want a simple and easy to use design would love Weebly but if your like me and you prefer having a few options then this is not amazing. I found myself constantly trying to fit my vision to their set box structure as oppose to having their tools adjust to me.

  4. As an marketing professional, with over 40 years in the IT world, I find Weebly a refreshing change from the mainstay of template driven website programs. Yes, unless you go “pro” you have a limited number of templates, and you live with the “logo” on the bottom of the web page. If that is a serious concern, and you don’t like the image that protray;s (that you are a cheepskate) then pay the $4.95/month.

    Having said that, yes Weebly does not allow the user the flexability of creating a “monster” web site, as you can with, lets Say Microsoft’s Visual Studio. But then how many people are going to spend thousands of hours to master the program?

    Nice job Weebly… you have earned a place atop the “web design” world, bringing a solid product, that anyone can use to the table. I personally know a 4 year old who put up their own web site, and an 88 year old marketer that is in the final stages of completing his.

  5. Weebly is one of my favorites. They’re really easy to use and are making great progress building out what their community asks for.

  6. I really love Weebly! It has the best customisation tools if you dabble in web development and has really cool drag and drop if you don’t want to dabble in html/css/javascript etc.

    The SEO features are awesome too. I heard Wix was no good at SEO because it’s flash based. I don’t know for sure though.

    Basically, Weebly can do anything you want it to and search engines play with it nicely.

  7. Jase:

    I’ve personally used both Weebly and Wix before (still using Weebly at the moment), and I can confirm that based on my experience, Weebly is much better at SEO than Wix. I’m not exactly sure what the real reason is, but I suspect that it is b/c of the flash based platform of Wix. Though if you visit Wix’s forum, they do have a few valuable lessons on how to juice up SEO aspect of Wix, such as leaving keywords or URL’s in the footer and blending the colour of the fonts into the background (this trick could be applied to any other websites actually and is a pretty neat trick)

    One thing that I thought Weebly lacked is nice looking templates. Although if you have some knowledge in HTML and CSS, Weebly allows you to do pretty much whatever you want to its design in terms of customization. However, for people who do not have such technical backgrounds, having more variety of Weebly themes would be awesome.

    Weebly Templates

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