Weebly Seeks User Suggestions to Upgrade Web Editor

In an effort to engage users in the development of its web editing platform, Weebly has initiated a campaign. With this campaign, Weebly aims to enhance interactivity with the users by seeking suggestions on new features.

Suggest New Features to Weebly

The campaign invites users to suggest improvements that they want in the Weebly easy web editor. These suggestions can cover different aspects of the web development and publishing process, such as platform interface, change in existing features, adding new features and web templates. All the suggestions are listed on the Weebly website. Users can browse through all the suggestions and vote for those that they feel are critical for the enhancement of the web editor.

Here are the top three suggestions voted by the people so far:

  • Change in member log-in/register feature
  • Search box for user websites
  • Header image / logo to link back to the Home Page

It is to be noted that Weebly has not made any significant upgrade to its web editor. In the past six months, a majority of the new releases are cosmetic changes only. Contrary to this, other members on the free website maker comparison list, such as Webstarts and Wix, have been upgrading their platform at a steady pace. Thus, Weebly’s effort to fortify user engagement is well times.

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Author: Mayank Saxena

Mayank is a Mass Communications graduate who has been using his training and experience to increase the mass appeal of websites. He is also a regular contributor of reviews and articles in the field of website design and search engine optimisation.

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