Weebly vs Squarespace

Listed among the top five website makers in the world, Weebly and Squarespace are as diverse as they get when it comes to business model and features offered. While Weebly considers simplicity as the top priority, Squarespace adds a classic touch to the website development process. Let us take a look at both of them as objectively as we can.

Weebly and Squarespace: Apples and Oranges

Comparing Weebly and Squarespace is as difficult as contrasting apples and oranges. Both services allow users to create quality websites with a difference. However, they differ in their approach towards website building and the pricing model. Weebly offers a life-time free website to all registered users. An individual can simply register with Weebly, procure a free domain name and build a website. He can continue using this website without paying a penny to Weebly. However, if he wishes to opt for advanced features, such as ecommerce and traffic details, Weebly Pro is available for only $ 2.99 per month.

Squarespace is a class act. It provides website templates par excellence. It offers access to advanced web tools and features. However, all good things come with a price tag. After an initial 14-day trial period, users have to shell out $8 per month to enjoy Squarespace services. In a nutshell, Squarespace is an incomparable website building platform but it fails miserably when it comes to pricing. Weebly scores over Squarespace for providing free access to the online world.

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