Weebly vs. Wix: Comparing Multimedia Integration Functionality

Weebly and Wix are among the top free website makers. Both the platforms have been listed among the top five platforms in the free website maker comparison chart. In this review, you can read about the performance of multimedia integration functionality of Wix and Weebly. Since, multimedia has become a crucial part of users’ overall web experience, choosing a website maker based on its multimedia functionality makes perfect sense.

Why Wix Scores Over Weebly in Multimedia Integration

Wix and Weebly support different multimedia functionalities for integrating images, videos, slideshows and animation. This difference exists due to the dissimilarity in their basic approaches for website building and publishing. Weebly stands with other free website makers who support basic HTML-based approach to website building. However, Wix stands out from the league by using Flash as the background technology. Thus, Wix allows greater level of multimedia integration.

Narrowing down to the specifics, Weebly allows users to add videos, images, maps, YouTube videos, SWF files, documents, photo gallery and slideshows. While Wix, too, supports all these features, it goes a step beyond to provide greater flexibility than Weebly. For example, Wix allows video integration from YouTube, Metacafe and through URL. Users can link their Fotolia account to include images. Also, slideshows can be presented in a variety of creative forms.

Recently, Weebly has updated its image functionality to include hyperlinks in the images. However, Wix remains the preferred platform for greater flexibility and creativity.

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