Weebly’s WYSIWYG: User’s delight

WYSIWYG stands for What You See Is What You Get. A WYSIWIG web page editor is an application where you can build a web page a bit like you would build a page on a word processor or desktop publishing app. You place the various items (i.e. text, links, images) where you want them to appear on the page and the editor generates HTML to represent this. When you view one of these pages on a browser it should look just like it did on the editor. Sound great, isn’t it? So anyone can be a web page designer! To inspire the spirit Weebly has introduced it’s own unique WYSIWYG that allows users to easily and quickly “drag and drop” content into the currently open web page, which Weebly considers as its flagship feature.

Weebly was originally a creation by David Rusenko, Dan Veltri, and Chris Fanini. They all attended Penn State for an undergraduate degree. The site did not take much time to take off. It was named by Time Magazine as number four of the fifty best websites of 2007. The objective of Weebly when it was first created was to enable content creation. Now the site has developed itself to another height. The site also has a blog editor that a user can use relevant to his pages.

Weebly has a simple method of implementing and customizing its library of themes, and a policy of no forced advertising on even free accounts’ Web sites.Pro accounts include more capabilities such as the adding of in-site audio or video content, “premium” support, and site statistics.

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