What not to do to promote your website

Anyone needs to be promoted, so does your web site. When you will look for some suggestions to have your site spread all over the world, a bulk of articles are there suggesting you numerous ways what to do. But are there anything, that you should not do? Let me put it this way- if there are some ways you should walk through to promote your web site then there must be some other ways you should always avoid to take.

Before publishing your site, test the site thoroughly and make sure every detail is complete. You will need to wait for that before submitting. Visitors may never return to a web link where they found a dead page or an “under construction” sign. There are a lot of short-cut tricks narrated in the various Web promotion sites and mailing lists, that claim to improve your search engine rankings. Don’t be effected by it. Using meta tags, keywords in titles and body text may be helpful overdoing it can bring negative effect to your promotion.

Spamming is what you never should do. Mass, unsolicited e-mail is not acceptable, anywhere, for any reason. There are hundreds of hustlers trying to sell you databases and software that you can use to spam, but don’t pay heed to their promises. Spamming will only bring enemies for you, not friends. If you want a professional to submit your site, plan on spending a few hundred bucks at most, which should buy you a careful and thorough job. Don’t go for any cheap non-professional offers that only ruins your time.

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Author: Ahmed Habib

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